Okay, the Leftover is…..


We eat a lot of chicken. I mean we eat baked chicken, specifically, 4-6 times per week. supplemented with one or two dinners of my special killer pork chops (I will post the recipe sometime), and maybe one night we will have cheeseburgers (no bread).

We have a ridiculous dog, and she loves a little meat fat over her dry dog food. Okay, to be honest, I usually take a small little bits of chicken or pork chop close to the bone we could neither cut off or gnaw off, and pull it off with my fingers, throw it in the glass baking dish and dump a bowl full of her dry food in it, roll it around and serve it back into her bowl.

Christopher and Lucy 2

The problem is whenever I am baking more than two pieces of chicken (I recently stated baking a whole chicken because I love homemade chicken salad (yes, I will to that recipe sometime, too. it aint yo mamas chicken salad), I end with so much in the way of chicken drippings as to risk making my dog sick if I put it in her bowl.

Cut up Whole Chicken Prepped for Baking

So I started saving it, like my mama used to save bacon drippings. We don’t cook bacon, so we don’t have any drippings. ok, two to three times a year I cook bacon, but that is usually in conjunction with making cornbread dressing, so the drippings go in the dressing. A we are getting pretty religious about low carb around here, I doubt I will ever make dressing again, but who knows. The point is, I am accumulating chicken drippings. about half hard light yellow grease and about half dark gelatinous looking stuff (this is in their refrigerated state.)

Chicken drippings

I have started replacing the two tablespoons of unsalted butter with a scoop of my “drippings” in my breakfast concoction that I simply call curried eggs, though it is much more than that. Okay, now I owe you three recipes already and I have only just got started. I guess four if we count the dressing. looks like my plate is full already, pun intended. (aren’t they always?)

If you have any better ideas, or pretty much any ideas, at all, feel free to post them here. if you wanna throw a guest column up here about food, contact and we will work that out, too!


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