Curried Eggs


Somewhere, I think after realizing my all time favorite dish of any food on the planet is Chicken Korma, as prepared by Saffron, a restaurant in West Palm Beach,saffron I decided I liked curry, and at first, I tried replicating their fantastic dish. Mine wasn’t as good, but it was really yummy. The problem is, it isn’t a low carb recipe. I will give you my recipe for Chicken Korma, chicken kormasomeday, but today, just suffice it to say it is the bridge that led me to my current standard breakfast.
About the time I developed this recipe, my doctor encourage me to reduce my salt intake, so I rediscovered my love of hot pepper. If you get enough pepper in your dish, you hardly notice the lack of salt! Now I loved to eat hot pickled Jalapenos, like candy, you might say. And I liked nice warm red chili peppers in my salad, but eventually, I made it to the hard stuff. Scottish Bonnets, or Habaneros, the funny thing is, in spite of what some folks will try to tell you, I am pretty sure they are both the same pepper. They look the same, they taste the same, and they both have about 250,000 Scoville units, as opposed to a Jalapeno which has about 15,000.
Anyway, every morning I chop up half of a Scottish Bonnet/Habanero, along with all the seeds from the whole pepper into a pan, formerly with 2 tablespoons of butter, now with the equivalent amount of chicken drippings, chop up about a ½ cup celery and a half cup of broccoli, add 4 oz ground beef, about a ½ teaspoon of fresh ground black pepper and maybe 2 teaspoons of curry, either Jamaican or Indian, I like both. I cook this covered over med high heat (6.5 out of 10 on my stovetop) until the vegies are slightly soft and the meat is well cooked.
While I am making our lunch salads, and yes, I make a killer green salad, (another time), I put a little iceberg lettuce in the bottom of my favorite salad bowl (I am nuts OCD, I have to have the same bowl every morning, even if I have to hand wash it, though usually it is in with the clean dishes inside the dishwasher), sprinkle about a tablespoon of shredded sharp cheddar, and big dollop of mayo.
When the meat and veggies are cooked enough, I throw a good hand full (about a cup) of fresh spinach in the pan, break two eggs into the pan and stir the eggs until all the spinach is egg coated. Turn the mixture over at least once to be sure to cook the eggs thoroughly, then add 1-2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream, stir, and serve on top of the lettuce/cheese/mayo. I cut through the hot mixture with a steak knives and few times, then stir the cold up and the hot down. That, my friends is what I call curried eggs, and I also call it yummy!!!!


Okay, the Leftover is…..


We eat a lot of chicken. I mean we eat baked chicken, specifically, 4-6 times per week. supplemented with one or two dinners of my special killer pork chops (I will post the recipe sometime), and maybe one night we will have cheeseburgers (no bread).

We have a ridiculous dog, and she loves a little meat fat over her dry dog food. Okay, to be honest, I usually take a small little bits of chicken or pork chop close to the bone we could neither cut off or gnaw off, and pull it off with my fingers, throw it in the glass baking dish and dump a bowl full of her dry food in it, roll it around and serve it back into her bowl.

Christopher and Lucy 2

The problem is whenever I am baking more than two pieces of chicken (I recently stated baking a whole chicken because I love homemade chicken salad (yes, I will to that recipe sometime, too. it aint yo mamas chicken salad), I end with so much in the way of chicken drippings as to risk making my dog sick if I put it in her bowl.

Cut up Whole Chicken Prepped for Baking

So I started saving it, like my mama used to save bacon drippings. We don’t cook bacon, so we don’t have any drippings. ok, two to three times a year I cook bacon, but that is usually in conjunction with making cornbread dressing, so the drippings go in the dressing. A we are getting pretty religious about low carb around here, I doubt I will ever make dressing again, but who knows. The point is, I am accumulating chicken drippings. about half hard light yellow grease and about half dark gelatinous looking stuff (this is in their refrigerated state.)

Chicken drippings

I have started replacing the two tablespoons of unsalted butter with a scoop of my “drippings” in my breakfast concoction that I simply call curried eggs, though it is much more than that. Okay, now I owe you three recipes already and I have only just got started. I guess four if we count the dressing. looks like my plate is full already, pun intended. (aren’t they always?)

If you have any better ideas, or pretty much any ideas, at all, feel free to post them here. if you wanna throw a guest column up here about food, contact and we will work that out, too!

As if I was keeping up with the two blogs I already had…. food….


Ok, I went over to, to ask what I could do with a really yummy but kinda awkward leftover I was generating. Well, I signed up, didn’t see any forums. (Maybe I didn’t look hard enough), and then it wanted me to fill out my profile, but I let it import it from Goodreads instead, and then I realized I wanted to write a food blog, as I didn’t see any forums, yeah, I know, I already mentioned that, but am highlighting it again as an excuse as to why Im unleashing a food blog on y’all.

golden tire store
This picture is in no way related to food or even to this blog. I just wanted a picture, and I liked this one.

They offered me a blog right away, which I took to be very generous of them. Only it wasn’t, they wanted $19.00 per year. I never pay for anything I don’t have to in the real world, and never, ever pay for ANYTHING in the virtual world. And I already had two free blogs at, and I like it here, and I really like it here for free.
So here we are.